GAMSAT Preparation - The Strategic Way

GAMSAT Preparation - The Strategic Way
    GAMSAT Preparation - The Strategic Way
    by GAMSAT Tutor (100 in science, 100th percentile overall)

What is GAMSAT?
GAMSAT Preparation - The Strategic Way
GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) is the selection test for graduate-entry programmes such as Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry and Pharmacy.

The aim of GAMSAT is to assess your critical thinking skills in the context of reading, writing and science reasoning.

In other words, GAMSAT is a thinking exam.

It is therefore possible to achieve GAMSAT success in a remarkably short time frame, irrespective of your background, provided that you possess the requisite thinking skills.

But to do so, you need a strategic plan for your GAMSAT preparation.

This is especially true for the science section, whose syllabus can seem overwhelmingly broad.

Having a strategic plan can mean the difference between a practice run and a successful attempt, as the following post by a past candidate illustrates:
"I came from a background of knowing absolutely no science at all, and only decided to sit the GAMSAT at the end of January, and even then, I only intended to take it as a practice run. I was so overwhelmed by everything that people were telling me I needed to do, that I couldn't seem to make a good start because I kept questioning everything I was doing and not knowing if it was really the 'best' or 'right' thing to do. For me, it was only weeks before the exam that I decided to seek help, and the guy you found on Google was exactly the guy I found too! He is amazing - he gave structure to my chaos and was really skilled at explaining concepts and strategies. Suddenly the questions seemed a lot more manageable. [...] (my jaws were open when I saw my science mark after having done only a few weeks of solid study)!"

- Science score: 68
So who is he? He is GAMSAT Tutor (100 in science, 100th percentile overall).

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